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When The DaVinci Group is On Your Team The Race to Value is as Good as Won

In an ideal world, technology drives the enterprise forward toward achieving the goals of the business. The demands on your team from increasing complexity and the pace of change are all that stand in your way. We give you the additional capacity and focused expertise you need to cross the finish line in record time.

What We Do

We empower your team by being a trusted partner that you can leverage to own and execute the aspects of technology lifecycle management that fall outside of your core competencies. You stay focused and agile while we take over the mundane but critical processes that keep you moving forward.

Innovators. Simplifiers.

Originators of Technology Process Orchestration

There are processes that comprise the technology lifecycle that are inescapable, and yet not every organization has the bandwidth or expertise to execute them diligently. They require balance, coordination, and consistent focused attention.
Let us take that of your plate.

Our Vision

The DaVinci group envisions a world where enterprise IT organizations can work in harmony with a trusted partner to enhance the capabilities and bandwidth of their team and to create order, cost savings, and achieve successful business outcomes through their technology investment.

Our Inspiration

As a polymath and a renaissance man, DaVinci expanded his domain of knowledge and understanding into many areas of interest. He had an aptitude for bridging disparate disciplines to achieve innovative and exceptional results. It’s in that Spirit that The DaVinci Group approaches our client engagements.

Our Values

People Centered and
Relationship Driven

Every engagement and interaction with our team is personal. In fact, our team is your team and that philosophy permeates everything we do.

Honest and Unbiased

Because we’re relationship-driven, we believe that integrity in how we operate is of paramount importance. We operate in the interest of our Clients with fairness and trustworthiness at all times.

Outcome Oriented

To achieve outstanding results, we take a methodical approach that weighs the needs and capabilities of our clients then we apply the art and science of our craft.

Meet the DaVinci Group

Stephen bio

Stephen Benson


Stephen Benson

Prior to The Davinci Group, Stephen has held several ownership and leadership roles in Managed Services firms after beginning his career within the enterprise at General Motors Acceptance Corporation.
Lou bio

Lou Najera

Founder and Managing Member

Lou Najera
Founder and Managing Member

Prior to forming DaVinci, Lou began his career in the wireless and wireline industry in 1995 with Bell Atlantic Mobile and WinStar Communications. Expanding a core philosophy of enabling Clients to align new technologies with business objectives has been the key to DaVinci’s success.
Leo bio

Leo J. Najera, MBA

Director of Finance

Leo J. Najera, MBA
Director of Finance

As his title suggests, Leo leads DaVinci’s finance desk. He joined the company in 2015 after 20+ years in operational roles ranging from financial analysis to credit default. But he’s not all debit and credits. When up from his desk, Leo relishes in a regular Game of Nassua with his buddies.

PS - Go Bears!
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