Focus Areas

Tech Experts Cross-Industry Innovators
Trusted Tech Advisors with Deep Industry Knowledge
DaVinci is much more than a technology consulting provider. Our depth of experience, institutional knowledge and deep relationships give our clients a significant advantage in achieving their desired outcomes.
Our areas of focus include:

Technology Audit
and Optimization

The enterprise communications landscape is being flooded with new technologies, enabling fast and agile processes. These technologies need to be managed and optimized for maximum performance and cost efficiency.

DaVinci specializes in auditing enterprise technology environments, reducing waste and providing a strong foundation for digital excellence and innovation.

Public Sector

Procuring and maintaining technology is very difficult in the public sector, as organizations are challenged with tight budgets and strict vendor requirements.

DaVinci regularly helps federal, state and local governments manage FED/SLED requirements, providing the best possible technologies at affordable rates.

Group Purchasing Organizations

The GPO space is ultra-competitive, with organizations competing to offer healthcare providers access to technology products and services.

DaVinci works with GPOs, offering insight about the technologies that healthcare providers need to be using.

Vertical Markets

Da Vinci offers cross-industry expertise, with deep knowledge throughout the following sectors:

• Trucking and Logistics
• Manufacturing
• Healthcare
• Pharma
• Finance
• Retail
• Media