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The DaVinci Group strives to create transformational outcomes, with expert execution and tactical precision. Our mastery of our clients’ IT environments is achieved by using various disciplines, methodologies, and resources to achieve specific goals.

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Financial Consulting

We help IT leaders gain deeper insight into IT spending, budgets, and resource planning, modeling how they all impact the business.


Before you can reduce expenses, you must first see exactly where money is being allocated. This requires a comprehensive financial technology audit. The primary benefits of a financial audit include improved efficiency and reduced waste. At the same time, an audit will provide visibility into how your enterprise should move forward with future spending decisions.

TCO Modeling

Sometimes the bottom line is not what it seems. Using Total cost of ownership (TCO) modeling, we weigh the expenses associated with a solution and the costs to operate them now and in the future against the gains from improved efficiency and increased capabilities to show you the actual all-in net cost and long-term value.

TCO modeling is necessary because the cost of a product can change significantly throughout its lifecycle. It’s important to understand all the direct and indirect costs that go into the final price.

TCO modeling includes assessing multiple factors including the purchase price, acquisition and implementation costs, maintenance, usage, non-compliance fees, and more.

Cost Optimization

(Telecom, IT, and Mobile)

Most enterprises are looking to reduce technology expenses in this challenging economic climate in order to preserve their budget or fund new technology to help them deal with “the new normal”.

Effective cost optimization requires both deep knowledge, and creativity. Through cost optimization, businesses can identify opportunities to save money and improve backend processes.

The expert analysts at the DaVinci Group will approach each environment carefully, considering all angles and then making recommendations that may include writing down existing costs, exploring competitive providers, and evaluating more cost effective technology.
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Technology Consulting

The DaVinci Group thoroughly analyzes each client’s technology ecosystem,assisting in developing roadmaps for complex IT projects and long-term transformation of their technology posture. Through technology consulting, our clients can better understand decisions, recommendations, and potential outcomes.

We offer comprehensive consulting for the following services:

Cloud Migration

The global pandemic caused widespread cloud migration across all industries. Yet, moving to the cloud can be a complex and risky ordeal when done hastily or without deep knowledge of the process. The time for triaging Work From Home (WFH) technology is over. We are helping our clients make the right decisions for permanent WFH enablement and enterprise-wide transition to the cloud.

We will provide a complete overview of the cloud landscape, letting you see all of your options before making a migration — while also helping you identify the risks, challenges, and requirements to ensure a smooth migration.

You will receive expert guidance and support along every step of the way, saving time and lowering migration costs.

Digital Workplace Transformation

Digital workplace transformation involves aligning employees with emerging digital processes, to improve productivity and enable a modern and efficient environment.

This process is necessary for building a business environment that will lead to enhanced collaboration and communication, with the flexibility to work from anywhere.

The DaVinci Group will assess your business to get a sense of your current level of digitalization, and build a plan for integrating cost-effective and impactful technologies to solve specific workplace challenges. For example, this may involve developing productivity apps to streamline workflows.

Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is one of the most important metrics that your business should track and measure. It’s used to determine the quality of an interaction between a customer and the organization.

CX should be applied to any customer-facing process, from your website and application to your automated phone attendant. We identify all possible touchpoints, and determine how to optimize each one leveraging new technology and disruptive providers to ensure a smooth and positive experience for your customers.


The complexity of your IT environment has a direct correlation to its cost of ownership. This is due to the increased cost of managing multiple locations, service levels, technology solutions, and vendors. It also creates the conditions where billing errors and unused inventory thrive.

Attempting to navigate that complexity on your own will almost certainly result in higher costs. The DaVinci Group works with experienced telecom, cloud, and IT service aggregators that will deftly navigate these complexities and simplify your life by combining the services onto one bill with a single point of contact for service and support.

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Technology Process Management

Let the DaVinci Group take care of all the heavy lifting associated with buying and managing telecom services. We extend and expand the capabilities of our clients’ IT team by taking ownership of all processes related to the procurement, deployment, and ongoing management of technology.

Project Management

Projects like digital transformation, cloud migration, and mobilization can drag on for months or even years without clear communication, vision, and employee buy-in.

The DaVinci Group will oversee IT project management, helping move projects forward to completion. Your enterprise will stay on time and under budget, while guaranteeing stronger outcomes for all IT projects.

Account Management

Enterprises are working with more IT vendors than ever, especially organizations that are multi-sourcing apps and services. It can be very difficult and time consuming keeping up with providers, and making sure they deliver on their SLAs.

The easiest way to simplify vendor relations is to use a technology account management service, acting as a liaison between all stakeholders involved in an IT environment.

An account management provider will hold vendors accountable and help to resolve service issues when they arise — resulting in greater uptime, faster issue resolutions, happier customers, and fewer headaches.

RFP Development and Response Management

An RFP needs to be detailed and accurate, to minimize unnecessary delays when procuring services.

The DaVinci Group will handle all aspects of RFP development, from planning and drafting to managing responses and reviewing vendor responses. This will result in faster procurements, with fewer mistakes.

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White Label Auditing

White labeling a product or service and selling it under your customers under your own name can be a great move — if managed properly. The DaVinci Group has built a robust infrastructure of tools, resources, and a bench of experienced analysts around our forensic auditing service that can be leveraged by organizations looking to provide this service to their clients without having to invest in the resources needed to execute such services.

Baseline Audit and Inventory Development

It’s critical to keep track of the customers who are using your white label services. A baseline audit and inventory development service will tell you who your active customers are, and how many licenses you have available.

By auditing and tracking white label inventory, your enterprise will have a much easier time managing, scaling and profiting from its white label program.

Historical Forensic Auditing

Offering white label services requires deep forensic analysis for management and execution which can be difficult and expensive.

DaVinci offers a comprehensive forensic auditing service, enabling clients to provide white label solutions in a way that’s cost-effective and risk-free.

Contract Compliance

Enterprises also need a way to enforce contracts when offering managed services at scale. This can be tremendously taxing for an organization that lacks the internal resources to keep up.

The DaVinci Group will actively track and analyze all white label contracts to ensure compliance and fair usage.

MRC Reduction

High monthly recurring charges (MRC) can reduce your bottom line, especially over time. It’s therefore important to look for ways to reduce charges for the services that you are reselling.

The DaVinci Group will take control over all your technology expenses to ensure that you aren’t paying too much for infrastructure and services.

Technology Sourcing

The serves that your enterprise resells are a direct extension of its brand. As such, you need to thoroughly vet technology partners to make sure they deliver superior results.

The DaVinci Group’s experts will streamline technology sourcing, guaranteeing that when you put your brand’s label on the package, it will be up to your standards.