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DaVinci’s Portfolio is Second to None
We are going through the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution, which is being defined by rapid advancements in connectivity, automation, artificial intelligence and digitalization. Enterprises are facing an ever-expanding inventory of technology solutions, from a complex array of highly specialized service providers. The DaVinci Group has the knowledge and vision to help make sense of it all and see the future clearly.

Here are some of the next generation solutions in which we have depth.

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Enterprises are now facing a volatile world, where survival requires rapidly adjusting to fast-moving trends and market conditions.

This underscores the need for strategic and efficient cloud migration. Moving platforms and applications to the cloud will ensure that employees and customers always have access to fully optimized and high performing services, regardless of where they are located.

Yet, cloud migration can also be complex and costly. Leave the task of planning, migrating, managing and securing cloud services to DaVinci’s team of experts.

DaVinci specializes in:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS),
    a cloud computing service that involves renting or leasing servers instead of purchasing them outright.
  • Desktop as a service (DaaS),
    which involves separating desktops and applications from their physical underlying devices, and delivering them through the cloud for anywhere access.
  • Office 365 /G Suite,
    for powerful cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications from Microsoft and Google.
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The need for seamless collaboration and communication is increasing as the enterprise edge continues to expand beyond traditional office borders.

Enterprises today need cost-effective, secure and reliable ways to keep employees connected with coworkers, partners, and customers. This means moving beyond quick fixes and freemium products, and building advanced collaboration environments using the following technologies:
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
    technology enables enterprises to run voice communications over the internet, instead of traditional POTS lines.
  • Unified communications as a service (UCaaS)
    involves consolidating multiple communications tools into a secure, cloud-based portal. UCaaS typically includes VoIP, video, SMS, fax, and presence indicators.
  • Contact center as a service (CCaaS)
    provides access to simple, flexible and cost-effective customer service tools through the cloud.

The DaVinci Group can provide access to a robust portfolio of collaboration technologies, taking the time to walk clients through migration at their own pace.

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Information Technology

The global pandemic is changing the way that enterprises approach IT, and forcing enterprises to make hard decisions to maintain operational stability.

DaVinci is helping clients stay informed and on track during this difficult time, with project management and support, system design, monitoring and maintenance.

Here are some of the IT processes that DaVinci is enabling:

  • Security: DaVinci recommends building a layered global security framework encompassing human, perimeter, network, endpoint, application, data and mission critical defenses. DaVinci will maximize your cybersecurity budget and keep you protected with the latest technologies.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR): As enterprises become increasingly reliant on IT, the cost of downtime is rising. Robust BCDR planning and monitoring is required to maintain system uptime and reliability across all locations.
  • Work from Anywhere: When the pandemic ends, the work from home trend will evolve into work from anywhere. DaVinci can expand the enterprise edge, allowing workers to securely access system resources from any global location.
  • Expense Management: DaVinci provides comprehensive technology expense management (TEM), wireless expense management (WEM), and license management for enterprises, helping clients remain under budget and connected.
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The network has emerged as the foundation of the modern enterprise. It’s also continuing to evolve, as aging legacy technologies continue to be replaced by agile systems.

DaVinci’s expert network architects help clients transform their networks into dynamic and flexible environments that are future-proofed and capable of meeting today’s high-performance standards.

DaVinci specializes in the following areas:

  • Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN): This involves virtualizing WAN infrastructure, by separating networking hardware from its control mechanism. In doing so, enterprises can establish agile and responsive global networks to support changing workloads and demands.
  • Connectivity: Da Vinci will take many types of considerations into account when recommending connectivity solutions, including an enterprise’s geographical footprint, budget, needs, and available options. Da Vinci will work to ensure the fastest and most appropriate connectivity solutions to support specific projects and environments.
  • Telecom: Da Vinci has deep network connections with global telecom providers, guaranteeing the best services and rates for clients.